What is ONEinspect?

ONEinspect is an integrated debugging and testing environment. It greatly simplifies realtime debugging and testing of your embedded application.

With ONEinspect you can debug, test, and monitor your system at any time and from anywhere in the world, provided you can connect to it.

With ONEinspect you can see every static variable in number of ways, plot charts, create custom visualisations, write custom testcases with built-in scripting engine and perform many other tasks. With the ability to store compressed debug information directly into your target nonvolatile memory, you will always have up to date read and write access to your memory, regardless of the version of the embedded software that currently runs on your target platform.

In addition you can perform many routine tasks, such as downloading new firmware, uploading memory contents, monitoring state machines in terminal services, assigning serial numbers and more.

With the support of any MCU family (with up to 32-bit wide addressing space), any publicly documented format of debugging information (DWARF, COFF, OMF etc.), any communication protocol and any communication line driver ONEInspect becomes universally applicable in every conceivable embedded applications. The only thing you need is at least one communication link between your embedded system and computer.

Key features:

What modules are shipped with the ONEinspect installation package?

ONEinspect is a software toolset consisting of following modules:

ONEinspect is also shipped with many examples: