Best way to get familiar with ONEinspect is to view or use the Samples shipped with ONEinspect.

The elementary workflow is quite simple. You develop your software as usual in your IDE  (eg. LPCXpresso, MPLAB, Code Composer Studio and others).

To connect via ONEinspect to your embedded system, you must:

  1. Add the Target Library to your code (or otherwise implement selected communication protocol in your system).
  2. Configure communication drivers and/or protocols in ONEinspect to be able to connect with your embedded system.
  3. (optional step) Add debug information to your embedded application executable (*.hex, ...) with FormatConverter utility in a postbuild step of your IDE.
  4. (optional step) Implement bootloader system on your board to be able to download application using ONEinspect.

Target Library integration for different interfaces, bootloader examples and other important features can be found in the Samples.

Picture below explains the typical workflow: